An individual concept requires individual customer support service.

The textile market in general, and in particular workwear is growing constantly.

„If you take a closer look at the workwear market you will learn that the supply side has been increasing, nonetheless all garments look standardized in shape, fabric and colours. There is only little room for individual concepts and ideas.“ - says designer Oliver Kresse.

KRESSE CI - Arena was founded to supply this small niche. It has been growing by co-operations with several industrial companies, hotels, advertising agencies and media businesses.

The CI - Arena provides individual textile products.

Oliver Kresse works closely with his customers through all stages - from development to production, and after-sales.

KRESSE CI - Arena creates unique visions and supplies workwear from small to large batches, merchandising products like bags or plush balls, functional hotel textiles and more - all individually made in Europe.